Iron City Tool Works
Catalog No. 28, 1920



Iron City Tool Works, Pittsburgh, U. S. A., Catalog No. 28, January 1920.

Iron City Tool Works was established in 1854. "We have been in business more than half a century, and our trade mark "Iron City Star" has won World-wide reputation (of which we are justly proud) for solid worth and reliability. "

The 1920 catalog No. 28 of Iron City Tool Works features: Sledges, Hammers and Mauls; Blacksmith Anvil Tools and Tongs; Picks, Mattocks and Grub Hoes; Railroad Track Tools; Mining And Quarrying Tools; Solid Box Vises; Steel Bars And Wedges, All Kinds; Construction And Erecting Tools; Special Tools Made To Blue Prints..

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