Our Workshop; Being a Practical Guide to the Amateur in the Art of Carpentry and Joinery, 1866 The Lathe And How To Use It, 1867
by Temple Thorold
1866, 1867



"It is our intention to notice many things, however trivial, that may in any way serve to enlighten our readers respecting the joiner's art." Temple Thorold.

Our Workshop, 1866 and The Lathe And How To Use It, 1867 both by Temple Thorold, are two of the earliest craft texts for the amateur woodworker. Writing with a directness and clarity seldom found in nineteenth century craft books, Temple Thorold's writings represent an invaluable resource for the modern traditional woodworker. Both Our Workshop and The Lathe And How To Use It are as relevant today as they were in 1866 and 1867.

Our Workshop introduces carpentry and joinery to the amateur woodworker, the 19th century term for the non-professional. Discussed in detail, complete with representative engravings of hand tools and hand woodworking techniques, are the following topics:

  • The Bench; How to Use the Tools
  • Remarks on the Seasoning and Choice of the Woods
  • Various Methods of Joining Timbers
  • Simple Works in Wood
  • Grooving Planes, etc.
  • Mortising and Tenoning
  • Dovetailing
  • Veneering
  • Varnishing and French Polishing.

The Lathe And How To Use It was a series published in the George Routledge serial: Every Boy's Annual. The Lathe And How To Use It introduced the use of the wood and metal turning lathe to the amateur or beginning woodwork. Special attention is paid to the foot powered lathe.

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