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Photograph: Cabinet Card

Cabinet Shop. c 1890.

From the stacks of ready to assemble dry sink parts, it's clear that this was more than a small custom shop. The work area is carefully laid out for maximum use, good use of available light and ready access to parts. It almost looks as if there is an assembly line in process here, though I suspect that the dry sink sections where made elsewhere in the factory and this was the final assembly department. Although obviously a posed image, this shop is clearly a well organized and clean working environment. Workbenches, assembly platforms, hanging tool cabinets and tool chests are all within easy reach. Take a peak at the Hi Res PDF for more detail.



BUILT THIS DESK. An unusual stereoview of a woman, her feline assistant and the various tools she used to Build This Desk (as entitled along a lower edge). The fingerprint is original to the stereoview too.


Photograh, Cabinet Card

MAN PLANING A BED HEADBOARD WITH A STANLEY # 113 CIRCULAR PLANE. C1900? You have to look closely to see that this carefully dressed and coffered furniture-maker is using a Stanley #113 Circular Plane to shape the top of the headboard. Living proof that people actually used these planes.  


Photograph, Cabinet Card

THE WISE CARPENTER AT HIS BENCH. Cabinet Card. Details make the image. The proper Bowler Hat in place, right hand placed properly on the toe of the bench plane, shaving curls on the bench, which has a nice two screw vise and an empire style bureau in the rear. Too bad the stuff he is working is not clamped to the bench.


Photograph, Cabinet Card


Cabinet Card. Furniture? Commercial fixtures? Although the backing of this cabinet card is in nice shape, with clear embossing, the image was very faded. I brought as much detail out as I could. I can't make out what they are making, but they are certainly making lots of them.

Kirk Gustfason writes to opine these fellows could be making wagon seat frames. Now that I look at them in that light, it's a very good assessment. I'll go with wagon seat, or even seat frames for a small carriage.