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Monhegan Saw Works : Wheeler, Madden & Clemson : Wheeler, Madden & Bakewell

monhagencvr1aTrade Catalog

Monhagen Saw Works. Wheeler, Madden & Bakewell, Manufacturers of Warrented Patent Ground, Extra Cast Steel, Circular Saws, Mill, Mulay, Cross-cut, Hand, Panel and Rip Saws, Butcher's Bow Saws, Back Saws, Wood Saws, Felloe and Turning Webs, and Plastering Trowels. Manufactory, At Middletown, Orange

County, N.Y.. Branch Office and Warehouse, No. 39 Platt Street, New York. 1859. A very early catalog from the company that morphed into Wheeler, Madden & Clemson, Woodrough & McParlin which eventually was abosrbed by the National Saw Company. For a full history, see WkFinetools. This catalog has what is known as 'self-wraps", which simply means the cover is constructed of the same paper as are the contents. This makes for a very fragile catalog. That plus the use of acidic paper has resulted in the loss of many mid-nineteenth century trade catalogs to the depredations of time and the elements.

Interestingly enough, there are refernces within this catalog to "see another page" for more information on various hand saws. But there is no other page and there never was one included in this catalog. I can only guess that there was an insert at one time that has been lost. The 1860 catalog at WKFinetools has images of the various hand saws which must be the same ones referred to in this 1859 catalog. Both catalogs feature this engraving of the factory as well as an engraving of their patented saw grinding machine, something that would have given OSHA nightmares.

So far as I can tell, Josiah Bakewell made saws under his own name and under the Wheeler, Madden & Bakewell name. If anyone has a saw stamped only with the Wheeler, Madden & Bakewell name and not Bakewell & Co. please send an image to me for inclusion in the accompanying image gallery, which can be found here>

Trade Card

WHEELER, MADDEN & CLEMSON MFG. CO.'S AND WOODROUGH & MCPARLIN'S DEHORNING SAW. The National Saw Co., 96 & 98 Reade Street, New York City.

A mighty long manufacturers name for one saw. My guess is that the National Saw Co. had a crowded conference room during the annual report.

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