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The Woodworker : Early 20th C British Woodworking Journal

alframptonAD1A variety of adverts from The Woodworker. Courtesy of Alice Frampton of the UK Workshops Forums. If you haven't visited them yet, what are you waiting for?
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IanSOzAds1A Variety of Adverts from The Woodworker, a notable British magazine. c1936. Courtesty of Ian S of Down Under. Originally posted in the UK Workshops Forum,

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More British adverts from The Woodworker. c1950-1970. Coutesy of Ian S from the UK Workshops Forum.

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Woodworker: Croid Glue; Eclipse Woodworking Tools; Footprint Hand Drill; 6-in-1 Hobby Plane; Marples Nylon Folding Rule; Mitor-Mitre Shaving Machine, Plough Plane; Paramo Planemaster; Rawl Plugs; Record 04 Plane; Tectool Plough; W. Tyzack Elephant Brand Files

Courtesy of Paul Womack

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