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Museum - Manufacturers & Merchants
A. J. Wilkinson Hardware Merchants


A.J. WILKINSON'S Wholesale & Retail, No. 2 Washington St., cor. Wilson Lane. Boston, April 13, 1857.

A letter to A. D. Lockwood, Esq. from A. J. Wilkinson (love that signature) concerning a prompt remittance for emery.


A. J. Wilkinson & Co. Boston, Ma. Nno. 2 Washington St., Co. Wilson Lane. 1864

Interesting in that this bill relates to Wightman, who later became a par


A. J. WILKINSON & CO. Importers, Manufacturers & Dealers in Machinery & General Hardware. Machinists' & Manufacturers' Supplies. Electrical Supplies. Automobile Supplies. 180, 184, 188 Washington St. & 19, 23, 25 Devonshire St. Boston, Feb 28, 1908.

Sold to A. A. Smith, Leominster, Mass a variety of machinist supplies and tools.

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