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The Providence Tool Company Papers Thread : Courtesy Patrick Leach

Providence Tool Company - Corporate Papers

Courtesy of Patrick Leach, founder of the Stanley Blood & Gore resource, The Superior Works website, one of the instigators of the Oldtools List and all around toolguy, comes a thread from the early days of the Oldtools eMail list. Late in 1996 through early 1997. Patrick shared some of the material from the Big Paper hoard, aka, the paperwork of the Providence Tool Co. Providence Tool made plane blades, arms, and other stuff during the middle of the 19th C. If you made tools, you talked to the Providence Tool Co.

This stuff is so fascinating that I delved through the Oldtools Archives . There may very well be more stuff hidden in the Archives on this topic. As I find it, I'll post it. If it is there.

Patrick has kindly given his approval to post this material from the Archive. He has yet mounds of stuff from the Providence Tool Co. I would love to pour through it, but I fear that my drool would harm the paper.

readericon1a Providence Tool Company Oldtools Thread (1996-1997)

readericon2 Taber Plane Company Price List

readericon4 Taber Plane Company - Plane Nomenclature

readericon3 Providence Tool Company - M. B Tidey Oldtools Thread (1996)

See also: H. Hale, Plane Manufacturers correspondence with the Providence Tool Co.