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Peugeot Freres

peugeotfreresCat1938Cvr1Trade Catalog

Peugeot Freres. Outils Montes. Juillet 1938.

The famous Peugeot Freres, makers of numerous products which, of course, included tools. This catalog from July of 1938 includes woodworking as well as masonry tools. Inparticular, the sections on what we of the English speaking persuasion term as "frame saws" are known by numerous names to the French, if not Belgians. Just as we have numerous terms for hand saws, so are there for frame saws. As to for planes and similar tools. This catalog is in French, devoid of any other translation. If anyone feels up to translating this one, please do so and I'll post the text.

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From the Woodnet Forum comes a comment from Wim of Belgian: :

""I am belgian, and Peugeot Tools seem to be quite common here. For clarity, I just want to point out there are two seperate companies using the Peugeot name: Peugeot & Cie and Peugeot frres. From Peugeot frres I own a wooden plane and a devider...

My Peugeot Freres planes iron is marked with a lion, the Peugeot et Cie is marked with an elephant. I have found a bit more information on the markings at this site:"

For posterity, I am posting the Peugeot brand chart from this site. Yes, it's in French. The original and more can be found at:

From Louis Michaud comes this clarification of the wood types:

  • "Charme = carpinus betulus. European species of the N.A. Blue-beech (carpinus caroliniana). Hard, strong and heavy wood.
  • Hetre ( beech)  Fagus sylvatica
  • chene vert (green oak) Quercus Ilex
  • cormier (mountain-ash) sorbus domestica. Wood of the N.A. species is not like the European at all."

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