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Southington Hardware Company - SoHoCo Brand

southington1copyTrade Catalog

Southington Hardware Company, Southington, Conn., U.S.A. Manufacturers of Standard Cut Thread Wood Screws, Steel Squares, Try Squares and Bevels, Mechanics Tools, House Furnishings. Catalogue No. 30. March 1, 1930. 63 Years of Progress. 1867-1930.

Includes ice picks, gardening tools, trowels, asparagus and weed cutters, screwdrivers, etc. Tools named SoHoCo turn up here and there. Their carpenter's squares, particularly the take-down squares are nice pieces of work, particularly if you can find one of the copper washed ones. Take a look at the try squares. Very similar to Stanley, aren't they?


Bevel & Level images courtesy Mike Urness


Square and Trysquare Images courtesy of Joshua Clark


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