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Ohio Saw Works - Woodrough & McParlin

ohiosawworkscvr1a1Trade Catalog

Price List. August 1874. Ohio Saw Works, Established 1854, Woodrough & McParlin, Manufacturers of Patent Ground Saws, Circular, Mill, Mulay, and Cross-Cut Saws, Hand and Back Saws, Billet, Cooper, and Power Webs, Etc., Factories and Warehouse, Corner Sixth and Hoadly STS., OPP. Cin., H. & D. R. R. Depot, Cincinatti. 1874.

Emerald green cover with gilt (actually bronze powder) lettering. Even the back cover is a great example of 1870's commercial design. In business from 1856-1893, Woodrough & McParlin produced, amongst other items, the famous Panther Saw, a saw with the head of a panther carved into the tote. Sorry, but that one is not in this catalog. I can only assume that the panther carving improved the usability of the saw in some fashion. Eventually absorbed by the National Saw Company, Woodrough & McParlin offered some of the nicest looking handsaws, judging by those that exist today. The quality of this catalog attests to the pride they took in their product.

Front and rear covers are available for viewing at Trade Catalog Covers

Margaret Woodrough's Genealogy includes much on the saw maker & associations