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Arromammett Works

ArrowmammettPlanesBooklet1858Page01tiff1aTRADE CATALOG
Catalogue And Invoice Price List Of Bench Planes, And Moulding Tools, Also A List Of Boy's And Gentlemen's Tool Chests, Manufactured And For Sale At The Arrowmammett Works, Middletown, Conn., Middletown: Charles H. Pelton, Printer. 1858.

Courtesy of Richard Dickerson, whose Tool Makers of Middletown, Connecticut website is a must visit for anyone interested in the history of tools. If you are wondering why you should check out his site, here is a quote from his entry on the Arrowmammett Works:

"Tools Made: Woodworking planes. Working Dates: 1836-59.

Owned by Austin Baldwin, born 11 June 1807 in Albany N.Y. died 28 May 1866. Named after the Arrowmammett river (now the Coginchaug) also known as the Arrowanna river. The company was sold to Globe Mfg. Co. in 1857. There were a number of tool makers in this area including Middletown Tool CO., Starr Mfg. Co. and Tidgewell & Co., Grower & Young, and Libby & Jordan. See Baldwin Tool Co. and Globe Mfg. Co.

The factory was located on Jackson Street. There was a pond by the factory, also, a bridge over the river. The pond, bridge and factory are gone. Austin Baldwin’s house was on the NE corner of Jackson and Washington Streets. The house has since been demolished. The planes can be marked with seven different marks."