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The Art Of Fretwork - Hobbies. c1930.

Ever wonder what those treadle jig saws where used for? Well, now you know. The Hobbies brand name was known far and wide. Yet instruction booklets are relatively scarce.

Thanks to Paul Womack, you can now enjoy this weekend pastime.

PDF = 2.53 mb

Hobbies Craft and Hobby Shop is still in business and online .


Journal Article - Courtesy of Paul Womack
Work: 1889, Vol. 1.

Home Made Tools, by J. H.: Iron Trying Plane
Pattern of Plane for Casting, by E.P.W.
Response to Pattern of Plane for Casting, by A Foreman Patternmaker

Home Made Planes, by Bert

Home Made Tools, by J. H.: Iron Smoothing Plane & Chariot Plane

A Block Plane and Plane with Lever Adjustment, by A Foreman Patternmaker

An Iron Rebate Plane, by A Foreman Patternmaker



Journal Article - Courtesy of Paul Womack
Work: 1889, Vol. 1.

A Mitre Block and How To Make It, by David Denning




The History and Technology of Waveform Molding: Reproducing and Using Moxon's Waving Machine. Jonathan Thornton. 202, WAG postprints, Miami, Florida.

Wooden Artifacts Group Postprints Archive. Also available online at WAG Postprints Moxon. Ever wonder what Joseph Moxon was talking about in Mechanick Exercises when it came to the waveform molding machine? Ever wonder about how they made such complex moldings before the days of heavy machinery? After having bought a copy of the Toolemera press Moxon (which, if you haven't, you really should consider) and seen the plate of this peculiar machine, you most likely were left wondering if this was a fanciful invention or the product of a fevered dream.

Jonathan Thornton of the Wooden Artifacts Group wrote up a demonstration of his recreation of the machine. Never let it be said that the 17th Century craftsman was anything but creative.

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Woodwork Joints: The Model Library, No.12
How To Make And Where To Use Them. Full instructions for making Mortise and Tenon, Lap, Dovetail, Scarfing and Glue Joints, with a Chapter on Circular Woodwork. by A Practical Joiner. Price. 25 cts. 1917

A primer of sorts for the carpenter and joiner. The majority of the joints illustrated are intended for use in the construction of buildings using post and beam or early balloon frame details. Printed on fairly thin newsprint with a bit too much ink, the illustrations and text have a tendency to bleed through when least expected.

Still and all, a nice review of woodwork joints both common, uncommon and peculiar. The section of dovetail joints is interesting, as are the note on draw-boring mortise and teneon joints.

For some reason, the author declined to give his/her name, instead opting for the mid-nineteenth century form of authorship as "A Practical Joiner".

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The Glue Handbook: The Keystone Glue Company, Williamspot, PA, c1930

"Manufacturers of PURE HIDE GLUE EXCLUSIVELY". That pretty much says it all. Tom Conroy contributed this gem of a guide to everything Hide Glue. From the 'horse's mouth', so to speak, we have a history of hide glue, the manufacture of hide glue and most importantly, the correct use of pure hide glue.

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Doing The Gluing: The Keystone Glue Company, Williamsport, PA, c1930

Not to be outdone by the fact full Glue Handbook, The Keystone Glue Company issued this companion book of instructions in everything you need to know about the application of hide glue.

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