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Hazen's Panorama Of Professions And Trades or Every Man's Book

The Classic ninteenth century book of trades for "the use of schools and familes" by Edward Hazen of Philadelphia, published by Uriah Hunt. Entered according to the Acts Of Congress in the years 1836 in the Eastern Disctrict of Pennsylvania. Stereotyped by John Fagan, &c., &c. My copy is the 1839 edition.

Books of Professions And Trades were a popular means to educate young children in the ways of the world, in particular to introduce them to the variety of trades and business they might be expected to interact with during their lifetimes.

Hazen's Panorama was easily the most popular of the American editions during the early nineteent century, remaining in print for a decade. Hazen was returned to print in the 20th century for the benefit of historians and like minded individuals.

Hazen's Panorama featured 82 engravings, which will be displayed here, in the Toolemera Museum as they are imaged and processed.