The goal of the Toolemera Press is to bring together for study and enjoyment examples of ephemera and books that might otherwise be lost to the depredations of time or sequestered in individual collections. Contributions of interesting material are welcome, appreciated and will be offered to the public with due attribution.

Blanks, Tony
Record Tools Booklet c1953

Caley, Tim
Tools And How To Use Them For Woodworking And Metalworking. 1948

Clapp, David
Stanley 45 - Seven Planes In One. c1913 Booklet
Stanley Tools In Cabinets, Boxes and Sets. Booklet c1921

Duchaj, Mike
Atlas Metal Working Machinery collection

Evans, Peter
Nicholson Files Price Lists. 1889
Concerning Handsaws. Spear & Jackson c1950.
Proper Care of Your Hand Saws! c1950

Frampton, Alice
Adverts from The Woodworker

Grandstaff, Scott
OVB Hibbard Spencer and Bartlett Promotional Mirror

Hagen, Martin
Xillo Boren Catalogus catalog c1910

Jordan, Woflgang
Ulmia / Georg Ott trade catalog c1950

Kriewaldt, Jeremy
Stanley Dowel Machine Booklet
Australian Abrasives Sharpening Booklet

Meyer, Joe
J.M. Waterston Catalog, c1940

Michaud, Louis
L'Art du Menuisier, 1769, 20 plates;

Mitowski, Nathaniel
Winsted Edge Tool Works catalog c1890;

Parker, Joe
Richard Melhuish Tools & Machinery 1925

Platt, Matthew
Ashley Iles Price List, Patternmakers, Woodcarvers & Woodworkers tools

Quadrato, Walt
Simonds Cross-Cut Tools c1917

Roberts, Rick
Levard workbench assembly and use manual

Robinson, Peter
Hints On Using Stanley Planes c1950
Stanley Weatherstrip Tools c1950
Read This Before Using Stanley Planes (Blades) c1950
Hints On Using Stanley Planes c1940

Roeder, Randy
Millers Falls Catalog B, c1904

S., Ian
Adverts from The Woodworker Part1, Part 2

Schobernd, Paul
Russell Jennings Mfg. Co. package insert c1945

Siemsen, Mike
Disston HandSaw How To Poster

Smith, Roger & the D'Elia Tool Museum
Henry Disston Correspondence
Copeland & Co., Planemakers: Correspondence
Kellogg, James., Planemaker: Correspondence

Welch, Brian
Tenite Plastic Handle AD, 1950 (Witherby related)

Womack, Paul
Servicing Your Saws. Tyzack, Sons & Turner LTD. c1930
The Art of the Fret Saw - Hobbies. c1950
Tec-Tool Grooving/Stringing Tool Instructions
Adverts from Woodworker, Practical Woodworker and the Swinden Vise


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