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CONCERNING HANDSAWS: SOME HINTS ON THEIR CARE & MAINTENANCE. Spear & Jackson: The World's Greatest Sawmakers. Aetna Works, Sheffield. c1950

Reprinted 2006 the Traditional Trades Group, Inc. Spear & Jackson's take on how their handsaws are made and how best to care for them.

Contributed by Peter Evans of the Oldtools eMail list.

Notes from Jeff Gorman:CONCERNING HANDSAWS: SOME HINTS ON THEIR CARE & MAINTENANCE, was written by the late AWLewis, a lecturer at Loughborough College who taught me woodworking and bookbinding some 50 years ago. He used to be a champion discuss player and was known as 'Cramper Lewis' for his enormous hands and his kindly habit of grasping somebody's job and saying 'It'll cramp up alright'. He was more appreciated than another lecturer who was infamous for taking a chap's unfinished drawer, setting it diagonally on the benchtop and leaning on the top corner.

Story Of The Saw
By P.d'A. Jones and E. N. Simmons
for Spear & Jackson Ltd, 1760-1960

Published to mark the second centenary of the worlds oldest sawmakers. Copyright Spear & Jackson, 1961.

Reprinted 2009 by The Traditional Trades Group of Australia for the benefit of hand tool users and collectors everywhere.

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