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PATENTS FOR USEFUL INVENTIONS IN 1826. Letter From The Secretary Of State Transmitting A List Of Names Of Persons To Whom Patents Have Been Issued, For The Inventions Of Any New Or Useful Art, Or Machine, Manufacture Or Composition Of Matter, Or Any Improvement Thereon. From Jan. 1st 1826 to Jan. 1st, 1827. Read, and laid upon the table. Washington. 1827.

Printed before the infamous Patent Office fire of 1836, these documents where published as a single, string bound signature which may be bound as the recipient sees fit. Take a close look at the names of some of the Patent holders.


THE PROPERTY OF HERMON CHAPIN, HARTFORD, CON, MAY 12TH, 1826. His personal, signed copy of - The Cabinet Of Arts, or General Instructor in Arts, Science, Trade, Practical Machinery, The Means of Preserving Human Life and Political Economy, embracing A Variety of Important Subjects. By Hewson Clarke, Esq., of Emmanuel College, Cambridge, and John Dugall, A. M. London... 1817. Sorry folks, what you see here is not the entire book. It's 300 plus pages and in very fragile condition, as you can see from the title, frontispiece and signature pages. Someday when I am wealthy I'll have the book fully restored.

The story behind the book. One Brimfield, just as we entered Heart of The Mart, Amy stepped into a booth full of Stuff and Books. She picked out a few likely prospects and handed them to me to review. The price was right at $10 each, so we took them and hit the field. When we returned home, I reviewed the days finds. This book turned out to be fairly rare and valuable in it's own right, though in need of conservation. I turned to the fore-leaf and spotted a signature, not at all unusual in books of this time period. "The Property of Hermon Chapin, Hartford, Con (sic), May 12th 1826" While it would be wonderful to say that I also found his personal notes in the book, nary a one could be found. Apparently Hermon took very good care of his books and did not besmirch them with annotations.

Story Of The Saw
By P.d'A. Jones and E. N. Simmons
for Spear & Jackson Ltd, 1760-1960

Published to mark the second centenary of the worlds oldest sawmakers. Copyright Spear & Jackson, 1961.

Reprinted 2009 by The Traditional Trades Group of Australia for the benefit of hand tool users and collectors everywhere.

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